Wear protection plays an important role in helping to protect the most important parts of earth moving and construction equipment buckets, providing additional protection in high abrasive environments.

Replacement wear parts for Excavator and Loader Buckets include Heel Blocks, Wear Buttons, Chocky Bars, Side Cutters, Wing Shrouds, Lip Shrouds and Grouser Bars, which assist in protecting and extending the life of the bucket.

Fortus supply a complete range of wear solutions from light duty through to heavy-duty, suiting all types of conditions and applications across Australia.






Heel Shrouds

  • Protecting the high-wear corner edges on excavator and loader buckets.

  • Critical to the performance and life of the bucket.

  • Available for all bucket sizes and are made from alloy steel with high abrasion resistance. 

Lip Shrouds

  • Protects the leading edge of buckets between the teeth.

  • Critical to the performance and life of the bucket.

  • Available for all bucket sizes and are made from alloy steel with high abrasion resistance. 

Lip End Protectors

  • Extend base edge end protects adapter corner to increase wear life.

  • Size matched to the base edge, no additional fabrication is needed.

Wing Shrouds

  • Protects the sidewalls of the buckets from wearing away and maintains bucket performance.

  • Can be rotated across four different positions to get maximum usage from your investment.

  • Essential for any bucket working in hard rock environment.

Grouser Bar

  • Designed for rebuilding track shoes on dozers, but used universally for wear protection.

  • Used widely for different areas, the grouser bar can be welded to narrow leading edges of blades and buckets on excavators, bulldozers and loaders. It can also be welded on the inside of buckets to reduce exposure and increase load capacity. Due to the welding bevels on grouser bars, they are easy to secure with a strong weld onto various machinery.

  • Made from heat-treated 440-500HB Boron Alloy steel and available in a range of sizes. Designed for unforgiving conditions.

Side Cutters

  • Bolted to the side of excavator buckets and protrude outwards. 

  • Assists with protecting the bucket from wear and is also effective at cutting the side wall of trenches. 

  • Thicker than the bucket wall and can increase its capacity.

  • Generally suited for machinery up to 30 tonnes. For machinery over 30 tonnes, Wing shrouds are recommended.

  • Pre-cut to weld onto the sidewall of the bucket.

Chocky Bars

  • Easy to use and require no excessive cutting, compared to sheets or plates.
  • Can be formed onto inner or outer contoured surfaces providing an extra level of wear protection on buckets.

Wear Buttons

  • Fortus Wear buttons are easy to use and install.

  • Provide added protection for your machine parts.

  • Experience extensive wear and impact.



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