Parts Reference Guide

The Fortus Parts Reference Guide - The 9th Edition


The Fortus Parts Reference Guide (PRG) is a crucial resource with extensive coverage of popular makes, models, and brands, along with detailed drawings, images, dimensions, OEM references, weights, welding instructions, fitting tools and accessories, and hard-facing information. 

The guide is designed for anyone involved in the maintenance, repair, or replacement of ground-engaging tools and related components. It provides comprehensive coverage of information that can help expedite communication and decision-making between offices and job sites, ultimately saving both time and money.


What's included in the PRG:

Comprehensive coverage of popular makes, models, and brands of ground-engaging tools, wear parts, fasteners, hardware, and related components.


Direct replacement parts to ensure compatibility and quality of components.


Machine in kits to simplify the ordering and installation process.


Detailed drawings and images to help you identify parts and components accurately.


Dimensions, weights, and other specifications to ensure that you select the correct parts and components for your equipment.


Welding instructions, fitting tools, and accessories to help you repair and maintain your equipment.


TCO Hard-facing information for increased durability to help you extend the life of your parts and components.


Access the comprehensive 9th edition PRG now! Download your free soft copy or order your hard copy for a flat fee and streamline your maintenance, repair, or replacement work. Upgrade your equipment's performance and lifespan while reducing costs and downtime. Take action today and experience the benefits of the Fortus PRG!

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