Fortus HD Mining Bucket

The Fortus Bucket is designed for heavy-duty and rigorous use across different sites and conditions. Our bucket is the result of precise engineering and in-depth knowledge of hard rock mining and quarrying applications our products are exposed to. Manufactured and produced by our Italian Production Line, TreviBenne's 30 years of designing and manufacturing experience for OEMs allowed us to design our bucket using carefully selected materials, thickness, reinforcements, and components to achieve optimal sturdiness durability and weight.

Why Choose a Fortus Bucket?

Bucket Compatibility

  • Proven to Work: Backed by a thorough case study and quality reputation originating from precise engineering using the most field-compatible materials and procedures.
  • Ready to Dig Buckets: 90T CAT 390-HD Bucket, 100T LIEBHERR- R 9150B-HD Bucket, 120T-HITACHI EX1200-7-HD Bucket, 120T KOMATSU-PC1250-8-HD Bucket, 150T CAT 6015 Bucket, 200T KOMATSU PC2000-11R Bucket.  


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 Material  Hardox 400  5355  Hardox 400  Hardox 400  Hardox 500  HITUF  Hardox 500


Made to Order Bucket Program

Through our careful and straightforward delivery process, we guarantee that our buckets will work with your operation before shipment. We are equipped with a team of specialists who will help you design and engineer the bucket suited for your working conditions and materials. 


What we do:

Support bucket customization from 80T to 360T

Customize bucket to order through a technical drawing approval process

Transparent and professional delivery process

Our Dedicated GET Systems


Designed for excavator buckets that use proprietary materials. Specially developed and engineered for exceptional site performance and long-life in high-impact and rigorous mining applications.

Determined to Deliver

  • Specialized Local Support Team: Local workshop partners in Australia that are fully equipped to handle bucket repairs, maintenance, or modifications.
  • After Sale Service: Guaranteeing complete support from our team of experts to help with bucket performance and inspection, if needed.


Fortus Mining Buckets Gallery


90T – CAT390 – HD Bucket


120T – Hitachi EX1200 – 7 – HD Bucket


120T – Komatsu PC1250 – 8 – HD Bucket


130T – Liebherr 9150 – Bucket

150T – CAT 6015 – Bucket


200T – Komatsu PC2000 – 11R – Bucket



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