Loaders are often considered one of the most versatile used machines in construction and mining operations, digging, lifting and moving materials such as iron ore, coal, sand and other hard rock aggregates.

Fortus supplies GET systems to an extensive range of loaders and numerous operating conditions adaptively. Through our close relationships and ongoing diversified strategic foundry partnership and internal engineering team support, we’re continually developing, designing & testing our parts to provide customers with the most innovative and cutting-edge GET solutions in a range of applications.

Our goal is to help you, our customer to decrease machine downtime and reduce cost per hour, extend maintenance wear life, improve your machine productivity, and result in as minimal hassle as possible. 

To determine what system suits your operation condition, it comes down to three major factors, Strength, penetration and wear life.

System System Characteristics System Advantages Case Study

Loader Segments System


Strength          ★★★★★

Penetration   ★★★

Wear Life         ★★★★★

Leaves a smooth floor surface

Provides more wear material than other systems

Offers the widest array of configurations and options

Cutting Blade System

Strength          ★★★★

Penetration   ★★

Wear Life         ★★★★

Various options for wear life and cutability

Responds well to TCO hard-facing

Suitable for general operation conditions

Widely available & cost effective blade replacements


Tooth & Adaptor System


Strength          ★★★★★

Penetration   ★★★★★

Wear Life         ★★★

Strong penetration capability

Essential for pit loaders


Threaded Blade System


Strength          ★★★★

Penetration   ★★★★

Wear Life         ★★★★★

Ultimate wear life system

Minimum unused metal at its end life



Fortus Bolt-On Segment System



Designed specifically for use on ROM loader buckets in mining and quarrying applications, F-BOSS is a complete system to enable the loader to effectively and efficiently move material on site. With a proven track record of effectiveness, F-BOSS improves GET performance reducing machine downtime and maintenance costs, whilst extending the loader operating life for productivity.

The F-BOSS System eliminates the need for welding parts to the lip and the bevelled edge with the quick and easy bolt-on system. In addition, the segment profile shape helps to penetrate material much more effectively, ensuring the bucket can get the job done by working longer and harder.

The F-BOSS System is the most reliable system you can install on your ROM loader, considering it utilises the well-proven plow bolt and nut setup, and users are not locked into patented products


• A continuous loader bucket GET system designed for use on ROM loaders.   

•Improved performance and reliability of the system.

• Easy installation and removal of individual bolt-on segments.

• Wear-resistant, high-performing alloys for improved wear life.

• Full range of segments to suit medium to intensive operating conditions.



Segment Type

 Regular Segment Thicker Segment TCO Segment
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Minimise bucket weight
  • Suitable for light to medium-impact environments.
  • Enhanced design to provide more wear material.
  • Cost-effective method to increase wear life.
  • Suitable for medium to high-impact operating environments.
  • Tungsten carbide overlay provides superior wear life.
  • Drastically increase wear life without increasing weight.
  • Suitable for medium to high-impact operating environments.


  • WA500, WA600, 980, 982 Wheel loaders
  • 45mm & 60mm thickness  


• WA600 - WA900, 980 - 993 Wheel loaders

• 70mm, 75mm, & 86mm thickness 


  • All size range

Bolt-On Cutting Blade System

Fortus offers the widest range of bolt-on cutting blades for wheel loaders from a stocked catalogued range for all makes and models. Blades can also be custom manufactured based on your requirement,

Fortus loader blades are available in four main duty types:

Duty Descrption Duty Detail
Standard Bolt-On Blade

• Standard thickness option for all buckets running bolt-on cutting blades

• Low up-front price

• Suitable for low to medium-abrasion environments

• Used in loose material and loading applications

• Fortex500 steel abrasion-resistant material

Heavy-Duty Bolt-On Blade

• Various thicker blade options

• Suitable for medium to high impact and abrasion environments

• Fortex500 steel abrasion-resistant material

TCO Bolt-On Blade

• Suitable for high abrasion and medium impact environments

Polymer Blades

• Used with highly volatile materials, such as chemicals, waste and explosives.



FT-BOLT System

The FT-BOLT system is designed to optimize the performance of the loader, and the special threaded wear plates are engineered to provide great penetration and wear-life. Due to the special design, the wear plates can get thinner and continue to sharpen themselves during the operation. It is configured to suit loading hard rock and other abrasive materials with its outstanding toughness and tensile strength.

This system is dedicated to bringing the best value to the overall maintenance cycle. It will wear paper thin due to the nature of the design, hence the percentage of unusable steel is extremely low compared to other conventional systems with typically 30% - 50% scrapped at the end of life.


Product Range:

Machine Configuration Available GET Thickness Kit Part Number


Spade Lip, ROM Bucket with continuous edge

Spade Lip, Rock Bucket with teeth

Straight Lip, ROM Bucket with continuous edge








Spade Lip, Rock Bucket with teeth

Spade Lip, Rock Bucket with teeth




M60LCSPDTS75 (wide bucket)


Spade Lip, ROM Bucket with continuous edge





FT-BOLT Cast for WA900

The FT-BOLT cast kit for WA900 is made using a mould casting technique. This process produces parts with better dimensional tolerances, superior surface finishes, and higher and more uniform mechanical properties. The overall casting process also makes the kit structure denser, which improves its strength, hardness, and abrasion resistance.  


Casting Pits

Casting technique for strength and to keep the sections flat in heat treatment.

Precision Engineered

Material is replaced on the bottom making them 5mm thicker but not heavier.

Machine Top Surface

Ensures perfect retention throughout the service life.

Order As Kit

Blades, bolts, and rubber plugs are shipped as one part number on one pallet.

Loader Bucket Protection

Fortus has various options for improving the wear protection on your loader bucket

Bolt On Corner Protector Lip End Protector Wing shrouds



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