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Excavators face rugged and challenging environments in Australian quarries, construction sites, and mine sites. They perform a range of tasks, such as excavating a blasted surface in a mine, loading abrasive construction materials on trucks at a quarry, and digging deep trenches at construction sites. Despite the demanding conditions, these machines consistently operate under extreme circumstances. This makes the decision of choosing the right GET system for your excavator a critical task to ensure you improve performance, maximise production and reduce your cost per hour.

Through our close relationships and ongoing strategic foundry partnership and internal engineering team support, we’re continually developing, designing & testing our parts to provide customers with the most innovative and cutting-edge GET solutions in a range of applications.


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Bucket teeth play a crucial role in excavating rough earth materials. Designed to penetrate and handle even the toughest materials, their efficiency hinges on their ability to dig deep into the surface. The stronger the penetration, the more efficiently the tooth can move the material, making excavation smoother and faster. With the right tooth, earthmoving equipment can work more efficiently and effectively, ensuring work proficiency.


To guarantee bucket teeth perform at a high level and last longer, they require crucial strength and resistance. Greater hardness improves resistance against abrasion, stress, and wear. The right build enables equipment to achieve optimal performance for various applications. Maximizing excavator teeth efficiency requires knowledge of the best material for specific applications.


Hammerless systems provide convenience as no specialized tools are required, allowing for easy use with a standard socket. Safety is also enhanced due to a lack of refractory or sparks, reducing the risk of injury. Moreover, this system offers cost savings and increased efficiency. Assembly of teeth to adapters can be quickly completed by a single operator, reducing downtime and costs while boosting productivity.


Vanguard is a breakthrough GET System designed for excavator buckets that uses proprietary materials and is engineered for exceptional performance and long-life in high-impact mining applications.

Fortus have dedicated five years of intensive research and development and is manufactured in one of South Korea’s leading foundries.

Vanguard is fully cross-compatible with other common brands and attaches to the bucket in the same twist-on manner while improving cost efficiencies.

We provide a full warranty against part breakage at any point in its operational life and guarantee both fit and retention.




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