QUARRY Overview


From raw materials to sustainable products, quarrying works through the process of extracting rock, sand, gravel, or other materials from the ground surface. These naturally procured materials from open pit mines go through a rigorous and demanding process using hardwired machinery and tailored equipment. With Fortus, you get only the best-tailored solution to power through surface mining sites. Providing you with solutions stemming from innovation and experience, Fortus is dedicated to offering tailored G.E.T solutions for your equipment and workload to ensure that you get the most out of your machines. And with the right G.E.T solution, you can prevent delays, and achieve improved performance, enhanced productivity, and reduced cost per hour. With almost 3 decades of experience and expertise, Fortus G.E.T solutions have been a driving force in providing uncompromised performance and improved production for rigorous operation demands in quarrying sites. Our quarry G.E.T system solutions from excavators, and wheel loaders, to our dozers, have been backed by years of quality testing in different quarry fields across Australia.


Excavators do more than just dig. They operate in harsh and rigid environments to extract and dig abrasive materials and substances from the ground. Quarry sites require demanding labour, that's why sourcing and fitting the right G.E.T system is critical. At Fortus, we've achieved suitable solutions for your excavators, allowing them to move more abrasive and bulky materials for longer. Our G.E.T system will reduce machine downtime and maintenance costs while extending the life of the bucket.


From loading, and hauling to unloading, wheel loaders are integral machinery utilised in a wide range of quarrying applications. Handling small-sized rocks to highly abrasive substances from extraction is a formidable task a wheel loader must do effectively, and only possible with the right G.E.T system solution. Our solutions are built with great power and durability to withstand the harsh environment of quarry sites. Identifying and fitting the right G.E.T system solution to your wheel loader is a must in achieving optimum machine productivity and efficiency levels for your quarry application.


The ultimate earthmoving machinery not only in quarrying sites. Dozers are built with great power to perform tough and rigid activities in quarrying sites—from demolition to levelling the ground. Designed to remove overburden and excavate and load abrasive materials. Ensuring you get the solution for your quarrying applications, Fortus has developed productive G.E.T solutions to improve the performance of your dozer. Fitted and tailored to your earthmoving needs, our G.E.T solution will give your dozer the power to operate more efficiently, to dig and move additional material for longer periods.