MINING Overview


Rooting and powering through extractions of raw materials, elements, and metals critical to the economy, the mining industry has been hard at work in procuring valuable substances. It serves as an economic backbone for obtaining economically valuable substances, such as coal, petroleum, diamonds, gold, natural crystals, ores, and more. Aside from manpower and labour, machinery and quality equipment such as excavators, dozers, and wheel loaders power the mining industry. In unearthing these natural resources, using the right G.E.T solution results in a more productive, efficient, and effective mining process. With almost 3 decades of experience and expertise, Fortus G.E.T solutions have been a driving force in providing uncompromised performance and improved production for rigorous operation demands in quarrying sites. Our quarry G.E.T system solutions from excavators, and wheel loaders, to our dozers, have been backed by years of quality testing in different quarry fields across Australia.


Mining excavators endure harsh, rigid, and demanding conditions in Australian mine sites. From digging a shot face to hauling and loading materials to a truck. These rigorous mining demands make choosing the right G.E.T system for your excavator a critical one to guarantee improved performance, maximised production, and reduced cost per hour.


Wheel loaders are integral machinery in all of the mining operations, digging, loading, and hauling substances such as iron ore, coal, and aggregate. When fitted with the right Fortus G.E.T system, wheel loaders will display visible improvements in reliability and productivity through reductions in machine and operator downtime and maintenance costs. And with the right G.E.T solution, there will be increased cost savings and improved performance.


Digging, ripping, and loading are all part of the overall mining process. The solution to improved process is a mining dozer equipped with the right G.E.T system solution. Like any other mining equipment, dozers are exposed to tough and demanding use. That's why the Fortus G.E.T system solutions have been tried and tested in harsh Australian mining conditions and have been proven to improve production and performance when fitted to mining dozers.


Graders are used to helping improve the working environment for the rest of the mining process. Considered the most effective and productive machinery in mining applications, graders ensure efficient, cost-effective, fast, and safe transport of material. Choosing the right G.E.T system solution fitted to your equipment is integral to maintaining a productive and effective mining operation.