The construction industry is evolving continuously, with techniques and solutions innovating as the demands increase. From residential and commercial infrastructures to land improvement and features, construction has become more demanding, challenging you to do more workload and deploying additional labour with efficiency and effectiveness. In order to move and carry materials, destroy and demolish structures, and dig and drill holes, the right earthmoving machinery is integral to executing these construction basics.
Providing you with solutions stemming from innovation and experience, Fortus is dedicated to offering tailored G.E.T solutions for your equipment and workload to help you achieve improved performance and reduced cost per hour.   
With almost 3 decades of experience and expertise, Fortus G.E.T solutions have been a driving force in providing uncompromised performance and improved production for rigorous operation demands in construction sites. Our construction G.E.T solutions, from excavators, and wheel loaders, to our dozers, have been backed by years of quality testing in different construction fields from production to operation.


Excavating and loading materials require great power in every construction site. Transporting and hauling aggregate, sand, gravel, rocks, and demolition materials are made easier with quality-built excavator improved with the right G.E.T solution. Excavators are one of the most versatile tools used for small to large construction jobs.
That's why with Fortus, you get the best solution for your excavator G.E.T system. Designed for rigorous construction fields, our G.E.T solution is streamlined to deliver a significant difference in improving your machine's performance while reducing cost per hour. 


From digging to hauling construction material, wheel loaders are your ultimate equipment. Every construction site requires the power of wheel loaders. Compared to an excavator, the bucket of a wheel loader is bigger than an excavator. That's why wheel loaders are the workhorse of construction sites. They move loads and loose materials from place to place in every site. This machinery delivers unparalleled mobility and load capability when fitted and tailored with the right G.E.T system.
With Fortus, you get the best-tailored solution for your machinery. By fitting the right G.E.T system to your wheel loader, it becomes a piece of formidable machinery for any construction site.


Designed for precision grading and heavy-duty earthmoving needs, dozers possess great power for construction sites. This earthmoving machine is best for cutting and filling, battering, bulk excavating, stockpiling, and backfilling. Choosing the right G.E.T system for your dozer is critical to achieving improved construction results.
For enhanced performance, fit your machine with the right Fortus G.E.T solution to get better penetration and wear life, reducing costs and machine downtime.


From general construction to maintenance of dirt and gravel roads, graders are your equipment of choice. Graders are powerhouse machinery that's extremely versatile and essential for a wide variety of construction and roadwork applications. With the right G.E.T system, you can get the most out of your graders to achieve improved performance at different construction sites.
With the right G.E.T system from Fortus, your machinery will do more than expected. Fitting the right solution for your equipment will help you achieve improved performance, increased productivity, and reduced cost per hour.


Scrapers are great for large construction sites and applications. Every scraper does its purpose by scraping the top layers of the ground to level it out and prepare a site for construction and building applicants. Choosing and fitting the right G.E.T system for your scrapers helps give your machinery better reliability to make every construction workload more efficient and effective.
As a specialised and versatile machine, scrapers need the best-tailored G.E.T solution to perform the core tasks of a worksite. The best earthmoving machine requires the best solution to perform and power through construction tasks. With the Fortus G.E.T system, both your machine and your workload will achieve improved performance and reduced cost per hour.